The 2nd YANZHI Intelligent Vehicle Annual Conference
Award Ceremony, “Zhiding Award” Witness the glory moments of the year
Thematic section, focusing on the hot topics of intelligent vehicles in all directions
Authoritative speakers, face-to-face communication with the whole industry topics
Auto enterprises, the whole industry chain enterprises gather together
Industry professionals from OEM/ tech companies/all levels parts/test certification/government colleges/financial capital
Forum Background

From 2016 to 2021, five years have passed in a hurry, during which China's intelligent and connected vehicles experienced ups and downs.
The beginning of 2016, international giants actively layout;
In 2017, the enthusiasm of international giants is still the same, and domestic entrepreneurs also start to emerge. It was a roaring year for the industry.
In 2018, entrepreneurs of all kinds came to us with their capital and passion. However, after November, the cold winter suddenly came.
In 2019 and 2020, intelligent network fell into a deep valley, loss, confusion, bankruptcy, economic downturn, epidemic attack, and the darkest days of intelligent connected vehicles, everyone feels suffering;
After the cold winter spring finally arrived, although the epidemic depends on this year, but can not stop the intelligent connected vehicle in full swing.
Nowadays, the auto circle is comparable to the entertainment circle. New things are coming out. Start-up companies are getting financing continuously. All kinds of enterprises cross over into the automobile industry, Internet giants have also begun to stride into the industry, and industry talent gap is getting bigger and bigger. On the occasion of the flourishing of intelligent connected vehicles, 2nd YANZHI Intelligent Vehicle Annual Conference will be held.
From December 1st to 3rd, 2021, the annual conference will be opened in The Longemont Hotel Shanghai, where more than 100 influential speakers and more than 1000 professionals will gather together with the theme of " Technology · Evolution · Coordination · Talents", In-depth exchange of intelligent vehicle research and development, manufacturing, talents, digital marketing and other hot topics.

The 2nd YANZHI Intelligent Vehicle Annual Conference(会议背景配图)
Forum Structure
Day 1, 1st December Morning
Day 1, 1st December Morning
Main Forum + “Zhiding Award ”Awards Ceremony Innovative Applications for Commercial Vehicles Electronic & Electrical Architecture High-precision Map and Positioning FuSa & SOTIF
Day 2, 2nd December
In-vehicle Chip & Domain Controller Vehicle Sensing System Information Security
In-vehicle Chip & Smart Cockpit
Day 3, 3rd December
Vehicle Computing Platform V2X & Intelligent Transportation
Control Execution

SDV, EEA, SOA, OTA, Automotive grade chip, AI Vision Chip, Chip storage, Voice chip, Algorithm, Computing platform, Operating system, AUTOSAR, Domain controller, Ethernet, TSN, High-precision map and Position, Sensor fusion, Side sensor, 4D imaging radar, Lidar, Wire-controlled chassis, Information security, Functional safety, SOTIF, ASPICE, Communication security, C-V2X, 5G, Vehicle-road collaboration, Data engine, Cloud Control platform, ETC2.0, Intelligent transportation, Policies, Standards, Capital, Digital mid-station, Digital marketing, Passenger cars, Trucks, Mines, Ports, Park minibuses, Clean sanitation vehicles, Smart logistics, Robotaxi...